the largest computer science community at uc santa cruz

We are a student run organization that strives to create a supportive and inclusive community for people of all backgrounds and skill levels who are passionate about computer science to learn and network.

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We know how hard it can be to learn new skills and technologies apart from those taught in classes. That’s why we host a variety of workshops for different career paths in computer science. In the past we’ve held workshops on preparing for coding interviews, getting familiar with machine learning, and building your own portfolio website.

ACM Hacks

ACM Hacks features guest speakers and various workshops from Google DSC, Santa Cruz AI, SlugCP, and GDA. This is a great opportunity to work on projects, win prizes, and learn about some cool computer science tools and concepts.


SlugLoop is UCSC's very own bus tracking app created and updated by students. It lets you know the status of loop buses and city buses, so you know exactly when to be at a bus stop.

ACM Research Lab

This is a student-led research lab working on advancing CS and CS adjacent research through the development of tools, datasets, and compilation of literature by students at UCSC. Each quarter will include a showcase of work done during the entire period.